Way to move fast in ‘Covet Fashion’

Covet Fashion Hack

In this imaginary world of fashion, you have all access to give shape to your real-time obsessed love towards style. Covet Fashion is a platform for various fashion products including clothes, cosmetics, and different hairstyles.

This game allows you to see different style clothes from well-known brand and designers. All the products which you will see in this game are real. Those can be purchased from the same brand store or by clicking the links available on covet.

Adult’s baby game

It’s just like an adult’s baby world. Like in childhood we loved to dress up our Barbie dolls and apply makeup on them. Covet Fashion game from glu is the bit real version of the same. This game demands continuous internet connection. This is completely free to download.

Work and earn

If you are very confident in your choice and style, you have the option to design the model and can get a rating from your fellow players. If you will get a rating of more than 4 then you will get exciting prices. Whenever you get Covet dollars you can purchase more items.

Move Step by Step

There are different levels. Each level will unlock different new clothing styles, hairstyles, and makeup accessories according to the occasion. As with each level you get new styles the excitement remains with you throughout the game.

Every time you win the reward you will get a new range of all you need. You can design your model according to the event as cocktail parties, Photo-shoots, Red carpet events etc.

Points to be noted

If you don’t want to add the real-time cash you need to use these covet fashion hack and cheats mentioned below:

  • Join a fashion house as soon as possible

You should cross the levels soon. Try to witness different events. Evict members who have not played for a long time. New members should join your fashion house. Build your own fashion house. Keep it open to be filled quickly.

You can borrow items from different members of your fashion house. In this way, you can save your own cash. Try to borrow the most expensive item

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  • Daily 500

Enter daily 500 every day to add dollars.


  • Every day get Tickets and Cash

Get 100 diamonds and 20 tickets every day. Diamonds are used to shop for season-ending clothes. Tickets are used to enter in events


  • Selection of items for different events

Try to wear as many items as you can. Give your best look to enter for an event for getting the highest rating


  • Flashback events

If you are playing Covet Fashion game for a long time then try to enter in these events. Otherwise, skip visiting these events. Because for purchasing non-seasonal clothes you have to give your diamonds.

Get styling spree prizes

If you enter a styling spree event you can get around $5000 and often expensive jewellery. Use your money wisely. Buy items only if you need them. Always remember if you don’t want to add your personal cash in the game, try to use the tricks.

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