Let your botanical space bloom in its full spirit and grandeur with Gardenscapes game

gardenscapes new acres game guide

Before reading any review for any mobile game, you need to understand the basics. If you’re one of those who love to play games; irrespective of they are old, modern, classic, offline, computer, and console, online, notoriously poor or critically acclaimed, you’re on the right page. This goes out to all the gaming freaks out there. Gardenscapes: New Acres is a free-to-play and famous match-3 style application for iOS and Android devices. But, it’s not like the threadbare throng of spin offers of Candy Crush Saga or bejeweled clones. It features a great RPG storyline or style, including restoration of a run-down garden back to its pristine glory. And for any trouble that you might face, the gardenscapes hack is your trump card. Get free homescapes coins using homescapes online hack it works for all the devices android/ios and windows.

Following the process

As you complete the match-3 level, you get rewards of stars, a very important resource in the game.

  • You can use these stars to complete multiple tasks within the large garden. You do tasks like planting flowers and trees, repairing fountains and trees and building new stuff like a tree-house and a resplendent spring.
  • Half-way through the game, you also adopt a funny dog and you can name it as you want.
  • This pup creates chaos in the garden but will also help you with collecting other materials like kennel to build. It also keeps you entertained.

Riding on the gameplay

For such a binding and austere concept, you’ll find that this game is full of powerful content.

  • As you level up, you will interact mainly with your butler, Austin throughout the game. And as you progress further, you will meet and unlock a series of new characters that you can recruit to complete tasks in the green top.
  • You will be surprised to find a Facebook mode of newsfeed app. You can read conversations between the characters here.
  • It includes posts shared between Austin and his family. You can use the gardenscapes new acres hack to sail across levels.

On variety of colors

As an antithesis to the various match-3 games, every colored fragment in the game is unique.

  • They’re made of fruits, acorns, droplets of flower and water that you maneuver with Shelly. She assures you that she has no issues whatsoever distinguishing between shades because she has performed in similar games.
  • You need to remember this for a fact that new acres game has its own problems.
  • Just like the mine of free-to-play games out there and so-called apps, here too you can use real money for buying in-game coins and stars.

The continued matter

You can use the coins to trade boosters, lives or channelize them to accelerate your tasks on the green top. The game will reward you with the coins. The bad thing is that it is a paltry amount. For every level you complete and missions that you finish, you will receive 50-75 coins. It’s quite horrifying to find that it costs a whopping 900 to just refill all your lives and even more to buy the boosters. But if you how to hack gardenscapes, getting unlimited coins at no cost is a cakewalk.

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