Episode Choose Your Story Tips and Tricks You Must Know About

Episode Tips and Tricks For You

Episode: Choose Your Story is a brand new story-based game introduced for Android and iOS devices.

Well, the game is free to play, but some of the advanced items are purchasable against some amount of real money.

Lots of exciting stories according to choices are added in the game which helps users to enjoy every single moment.

Playing the game smoothly helps them to create a beautiful tale ever besides reduce all mental stress.

If you are playing Episode game, then you should know the importance of master tips and tricks.

After all, you are playing the game; you know that it’s not an easy task to make choices for making a perfect story.

But with the help of some game tasks and master tips, it is possible to progress in-game faster.

Here we are going to mention some episode choose your story hack and tricks for succeeding in the game which helps you to explore endless fun while playing the game.

Age restrictions

Before unlocking any story, makes sure that you are above 13. Some chapters contain adult content which is not made for small children’s.

So if you are a parent, try to avoid that harmful or adult content for your child. For enjoying the game more try to open a particular story according to age, mood, and requirements.

Also following proper guide helps you to enhance real-life skills more.

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When it comes to progress in any game faster, players need to earn in-game currencies in a more massive amount.

Currencies play a vital role in the game from which different items can be purchased as well as different tasks can be performed smoothly.

In other words, maintaining the right amount of in-game currencies helps you to enjoy the game more without getting out of resources.

Episode game includes two different kinds of currencies, which give its advantage/benefits.


Gems are considered as premium besides the central currency of Episode game, which helps to play every story smoothly.

Also, gems can be used to purchase different fashionable items for the game characters. With the help of useful things, they are able to customize their roles kind besides looking good.

By completing regular tasks and collecting the daily reward, you can receive this currency in the right amount.


Passes are used to unlock different favorite kinds of stories or chapters. It’s not an easy task to earn passes, but with the help of earning rewards, it is possible.

Relax while making choices

As for moving the chapter forward, one needs to make choices. More players make a mistake while making choices which affects the entire story performance.

So if you need to make your story better like no one another can, try to relax your mind while choosing an option.

Go through exciting gameplay to relax the mind besides to understand all game controls, basics also functions.

Hope following content mentioned above, gamers can succeed in Episode game and can enjoy every moment.

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