Earning In Game Currency in DragonVale : All Facts Explained

dragonvale facts

A smartphone is the best platform to enjoy playing exciting games. The latest Android versions support high-resolution graphics that will enhance your gaming experience.

With games like Dragon Vale coming up in the market, you can spend hours playing the mobile game. But when you start to play the game, you are only following the tutorial. You need some time to get conversant with the game for better progress.

What if you already know about the game? You can progress faster. So we are going to present some facts that will help you to know the game better right from the beginning.

  1. The Precious Gems

The Gems of the Dragon Vale are valuable. The most important fact is that you cannot earn these gems through the pet dragons. The Gems are basically Rubies. These Gems will aid in doing some magic.

Surprised? Oh yes! You can accelerate the breeding of the dragons or even the hatching of the eggs. You can also speed up the buildings. You can earn these gems by using simple dragonvale cheats mentioned at www.dragonvalecheats.club.

  1. Earning The Gems

You must know the way to win the Gems that will help you to get a step ahead quicker. The easiest way to collect the Gems is to request all your friends to git you with the Gems. Now you might ask, where will I get friends when I am playing for the first time? Don’t worry. You must have a social media account.

Synchronize the game with the account, and you can now send the request to every friend present on the list. You can also use the Colosseum prizes. If you are okay to spend some money on the gaming experience, then you can pay ten bucks directly and buy a sack.

Now that you know a couple of interesting facts about the game, I am sure you will not waste much time and start downloading the app right now.

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