Call Of Duty – An Updated Overview!

call of duty

call of duty

Call of Duty is a very famous game that is running from many years, but now people are really happy because they are getting chance to experience the real features of the COD on their mobile phone.

It doesn’t require too much RAM into your phone to download this shooting game and experience its amazing graphics. Even the developers really worked hard to make this game impressive and mind-blowing for the users.

You can easily use various kinds of weapons for killing the other enemies in the real time battles that would be really mesmerizing.

Check out tutorial

When a new player joins the game then he or she will undergo a small tutorial that proves really supportive for them.

It is the most effective method to understand the gameplay wisely. Once you understand the gameplay then simply start learning the method of using the weapons according to the choice. All these weapons can be used in the matches according to the choice so be ready to take its benefits in matches.

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Clans and great skilled players

Plethora kinds of clans that you will find in the game so be ready to join them. These kinds of clans will include list of players those are ready to play along with you. In case, you join their clan then there are some chances for you to get better outcomes.

In addition to this, people can easily play with the friends and once they start playing in the squad then they would be some chances to winning and understand the gameplay wisely.

Even you can easily take your rank on the apex wisely that would be really supportive for you.

Use smart strategies

As it is shooting game, so there are lots of things on which you need to pay attention on. Therefore, be ready to take its advantage.

Once you start working on the strategies then it would be really useful for you. People just want that they need to use the skills of playing the game wisely.

People those are going to use the strategies for killing the other players would be really supportive when you are playing on the multiplayer mode.

Thus, it always required the team work, so get ready to play along with the friend that is the best option for you to win the battle.


Weapons are the most significant part of the Call of Duty Mobile game, which can help you to become a dedicated personality.

People those are going to play the game they need to understand the use of the weapons those are used in the matches of the game.

Not only this, you should simply start use all the great weapons those are used in the game, so be ready to take its benefits and kill the enemies from the longer distance.

You can use either sniper or even the pistol from the short distance it will depend on the skill of the person that how he or she will use it in the match.

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