Jobs and the Economy

It is unacceptable that, in the wealthiest nation in the world, a third of our population lives “close to poverty“. Inflation and cost of living have steadily increased while salaries have remained relatively unchanged. I support:

  • A national $15/hr minimum living wage
  • Banning the TPP and any trade agreement that would hurt American workers
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Ending Corporate “Personhood” and ending enormous corporate tax breaks

Education and our Future

Today’s youth feel like they are caught in a catch 22 where they can’t imagine living above the poverty line if they don’t go to college and learn  a career, but they also are so daunted by the cost of higher education that the student loans themselves nearly guarantee that they will live in poverty anyway. In order to be a great country, we need more students who are getting a quality education no matter their background starting at Pre-K all the way through college. Despite a fancy name that promises otherwise, children every day are being left behind in schools due to strenuous testing that does not support individual child learning. I support:

  • Abolishing current student debt
  • Creating free higher education for students at public schools
  • Abolishing “No Child Left Behind” and ending high-stakes testing in schools.
  • Ending public school privatization
  • Education programs devised by teachers and child development professionals rather than corporate ties.


I believe that everyone has a right to fair and affordable healthcare. We, as a nation, must examine the role that pharmaceutical dollars play in our personal health. At a time when addiction is at an all-time high, it is essential that we make choices that reduce the addiction rate and saves lives in the process. I also support choices in healthcare, believing wholeheartedly that government hands do not need to make healthcare choices for any individual. I support:

  • A woman’s right to make her own healthcare choices
  • Affordable access to quality healthcare for all people
  • Ending government interference in healthcare decisions

Foreign Affairs and the Military

It is high time we bring our troops home and slash overseas military spending. And when our beloved vets come home, they deserve dignity and respect. Healthcare, jobs, and homes must be provided to those who have sacrificed so much to serve our country.

End Prohibition

The war on drugs has been a miserable failure, bringing social and racial injustice to the masses under the guise of “reform”. We must end the criminalization of drugs and treat addiction as a healthcare concern. Only then will we see millions of lives saved. Furthermore, we must recognize and treat cannabis as a valuable health aid, cash crop, textile, energy source, and more that can revolutionize our future. I support:

  • Ending the racially unjust “War on Drugs”
  • Taking addiction and drug use out of the criminal courts and placing it in the hands of health experts
  • Legalizing marijuana/hemp

Racial Justice

There is nothing worse than turning people – our citizens – into a commodity with the highest margin. Private prisons unfairly target minorities and put dollar signs on their heads. Police brutality affects blacks at nearly 2 1/2 times the rate of whites. We need accountability and transparency in the police force and in the criminal justice system. I support:

  • Community-controlled policing
  • Demilitarization of the police
  • Abolishing the privatization of prisons
  • Reparations to the descendants of slaves
  • Abolishing all “watchdog” lists that limit rights based on nothing more than suspicion
  • Restoring constitutional rights that are often trampled on in the criminal justice system

Ecological Responsibility

We’ve only got but one Earth. We need to treat her with respect so our children’s children and beyond can continue to live on a beautiful and bountiful planet. I support:

  • A complete transition to renewable energy sources
  • Incentives for manufacturing and using biodegradable materials and packaging to reduce waste and pollution
  • Investing in renewable agriculture
  • Ending destructive energy extraction
  • Labeling GMOs for consumer awareness

A Congress for the People and by the People

How can we expect laws that are good for the average person when our congressmen are anything but average people? Too often career politicians are taking these seats to line their pockets and live out their cushy careers while doing little to nothing in Washington that makes any real impact. I support:

  • Term limits for Congressmen
  • Salaries and benefits that align with the average taxpayer in their district.
  • The same healthcare offered to congressmen that average people are offered.

Child Protection Reform

Day in and day out we are confronted with stories that demonstrate that the child protection system in our country is not working. Children are wrongly taken from loving homes at the same time we see agencies do nothing about real abuse which leads to tragedy. The current system is set up to foster corruption and must be changed to protect both children and innocent families. I support:

  • Reformatting the federal grant schedule which currently provides incentives to state agencies for removing children
  • Removing full immunity from workers and judges to increase transparency and accountability
  • Re-establishing Due Process by moving

Equal Rights and Common Decency for ALL people

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that ALL people deserve love and respect. Yet, every day we see people who are treated abhorrently just because of the color of their skin or which bathroom they feel comfortable using. I support:

  • Ending “Policing for Profit” and “Prisons for Profit” that place undue pressure and injustice on people of color.
  • Increasing accountability and transparency for police officers in “high-risk” situations to counteract the needless deaths of hundreds of people through police brutality
  • Protecting the right of all people to love whomever they choose
  • Putting true safety ahead of irrational fears and banning bathroom laws that are dangerous for transgender men and women.


In a recent analysis, my views lined up with Jill Stein’s views 98% of the time. Here is a link to Stein’s issues and her thoughts on what plagues America today.