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If there’s one thing to know about Maria Green, it’s that she doesn’t back down when it comes to her values. She will fight for what’s right, even when the going gets tough.

Maria Green is a constitutional activist, passionate about issues like ecological responsibility, Cannabis legalization, human rights and equality, choices in healthcare, and Child Protection Reform. Maria is not a career politician; a much needed quality in a candidate for today’s America. Through experiences in her life, Maria has shown a track record of standing up for her values, even when the going gets tough. She believes in the People’s America and pledges to work to always prioritize the interest of the people over the interests to corporations.

After growing up in a small dairy town and teaching early childhood for 10 years, Maria discovered life anew. The realization that cannabis was the only viable treatment for her husband’s epileptic seizures led to a complete overhaul of her life. Maria became a registered caregiver and also pursued education in herbalism to learn how herbal medicine, including cannabis, affects the human body. She became the first certified herbalist in Michigan to specialize in Cannabis therapy. But risk turned to tragedy when criminal charges were brought on Maria and her husband for a raid on her legal cannabis garden and then months later when the Michigan CPS agency took custody of her infant daughter (Baby Bree) because of the Cannabis she grew. After 6 torturous weeks, both cases were dropped and Bree was returned home. Maria was unrelenting in her fight for justice for her own family, as well as thousands of other families who would have gone through similar situations.

In addition to her work on the magazine, Maria is a constitutional activist who volunteers much of her time working for drug policy reform, Child Protective Services reform, and basic human rights. She founded the Free Bree Foundation that provides resources and support to families who are battling against CPS unjustly and specifically for reasons of cannabis exposure. She has had speaking opportunities around the nation about cannabis and child protective services. She hopes soon to be qualified as an expert in cannabis and herbal health in the legal court system to help those facing trial for cannabis offenses. Maria values family most of all and hopes this world can be a better place by the time her children have families of their own.